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Please Note: Clients Receive their Own Disposable File and Buffer.
(click on each section to view the services & the price of each)

  • N bar special manicure : $35
  • Includes soak, Nail shaping , full Cuticle care, buff, exfoliation , massage & Nail polish application.
  • N Bar special Shellac Manicure: $50
  • Includes soak, Nail shaping, Cuticle care, Buff, exfoliation , massage & shellac polish application.
  • Shellac polish change : $35

Includes soak , nail shaping , buff & gel polish application.

  • Spa Manicure : $45

includes soak , nail shaping , full cuticle care , buff , exfoliation , relaxing massage , paraffin wax soak & polish application .

  • Regular Polish Change: 18$
  • Includes a light nail shape & Nail polish application.
  • N bar special Pedicure: $50
  • Includes foot soak, Nail shaping, full cuticle care, buff ,  callus filing, exfoliating  , massage & Nail polish application.
  • Shellac special Pedicure: $55
  • Includes foot soak, Nail shaping, full cuticle care, callus filing, buff, exfoliation , massage & gel polish application.
  • Shellac polish change (toes): $40

         Includes soak, nail shaping , buff  & gel polish application .

  • Spa Pedicure: $60
  • Includes foot soak, Nail shaping, full cuticle care, buff, callus filing, exfoliating ,massage ,  paraffin wax soak & Nail polish application.( add $5 for shellac polish)
  • Regular Toe Polish: $20
  • Includes light nail shape & Nail polish application.
  • Gel Overlay: $55
  • A moderate layer of Gel on top of your natural nail to obtain strength (does not provide length).
  • Gel Extensions (Tips): $70/ short
  •                                       $75 / Long
  • Gel Extensions (Forms): $85 & up 
  • Created by fashioning or “sculpting” Gel over the underlying natural nail or on a nail form without an artificial tip (No adhesive to break down over time).
  • Gel Refills: $60/ medium
    $65/ Long
  • N bar special  Mani & Pedi:  $75
  •  Express mani & pedi : $60
  • N bar special shellac mani&pedi : $95
  • Express shellac mani & pedi : $ 77
  • N bar shellac manicure & Regular polish pedicure : $85
  • Shellac Removal: $3 (manicure after) – $12 (Stand alone )
  • Gel Extensions removal: $10 (manicure after) $25 (no manicure after)
    Includes removal of your old gel enhancement, light nail shaping, buff & top coat application.
  • Fixes:
    – Natural Nail Fix: 5$
    – Nail Extensions Fix (Tips): 10$
    – Nail Extensions Fix (Forms): 12$
  • Extras:
    – French finish: 10 $
    – Nail Art: 5 $ & up
    – Paraffin Treatment (Hands): 10$
    – Paraffin Treatment (Feet): 12$

Best Nail Salon in Downtown Toronto

N Bar is a nail bar, located in Downtown Toronto. At N Bar Toronto, we aim in offering you contemporary goods when it comes to attractiveness. We believe in promoting the fact that we are perfectly different from our competitors.
N Bar offers an airy and comfy environment where a team of friendly professionals takes complete care of your beauty. We guarantee to give our customers high-quality chemical free treatments.

Choose From Hundreds of Nail Shades!

Know about our reasonable packages and services. Feel free to contact us! We’d love to hear!

Why Choose Us

  • Reasonable rates
  • Exciting offers
  • Friendly and skilled salon staff
  • Licensed and registered salon
  • Comfy atmosphere


Our manicure and pedicure services are designed to allay tender hands and feet. We provide various types of manicure services from shellac to gel at affordable prices. We are one of the best nail salon in Downtown Toronto that provides 100% customer satisfaction with our friendly services.

Visit us and experience a new change in your nail design!

Relax your hands in warm scented water and rest as we form, file and polish your dreary nails for an appealing look.